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Email marketing is a fundamental channel for every company’s strategy. It allows people to analyse the results on a case-by-case basis and it seems to be the most profitable in terms of ROI; furthermore, it is less expensive than other digital marketing forms.

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Our lists, proprietary and under management, overcome 8 million Users. In addition to these Users, there are other 15 millions in the lists of publisher who subscribed our premium affiliation network.


You could choose the ideal target of Users for your campaign, choosing through different segmentation criteria, based on geographical data (city, province, region, zip code), socio-demographical data (sex, age) and interests (beahvior-based).


GDPR compliance

Seobat cares about his Users’ privacy. Indeed, ours are high-quality lists and are acquired according to the law, thanks to agreements with the most successful and certified competition companies and with editorial portals.

Our email marketing campaigns are delivered with ESP sending platforms, market leaders both in Italy and Europe, in order to gguarantee a high-deliverability level and an elevated inbox rate.
We mainly work a performance, with market standard models: CPC, CPL, CPA, in addition to CPM, trying to guarantee the higher quality possible.

E-mails sent per month

Active users

Active markets

We are international!

⦿ Italy: 8.000.000 users

⦿ France: 800.000 users

⦿ Spain: 3.000.000 users

⦿ Australia: 250.000 users

We are not afraid of challenges! Many new markets await us.

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Extensive digital experience and hundreds of satisfied customers

Seobat Trento
Via Antonio Pranzelores, 87
38121 Trento (TN)
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Seobat Milano (Commercial office)
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20131 Milano (MI)
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