List Monetization
Do you have an email list and want to monetize it?

We offer email list owners an all-inclusive, revenue share solution to monetize their bases. Thanks to our experience in different markets, we take care of everything: from list cleaning to earnings optimization.

Benefits in choosing us

Revenue share

We take care of all phases of the list commercialization and we share with you the 50% of incomes.

Premium earnings

Thanks to the great number of direct agreements with several international clients, we are able to obtain the premium payout.

Dedicated account

You will have at your service a dedicated Account Manager, who will follow your list monetization and will send you regular reports.

Seobat employs for partner’s lists monetization the same team and the same technological platforms used for the monetization of its own lists.

Our approach is directed at earnings optimization, thanks to a constant monitoring of the statistics.

sent emails per month

monetized users

lists managed

We are international!

⦿ Italy

⦿ Spain

⦿ France

⦿ Australia

How much could I earn?

Contact us and we will analyze you situation for free, in order to offer you an estimated monthly earning, possible thanks to our monetization service.


Why choose Seobat

Extensive digital experience and hundreds of satisfied customers

Seobat Trento
Via Antonio Pranzelores, 87
38121 Trento (TN)
E-mail: [email protected]

Seobat Milano (Commercial office)
Via Galla Placidia, 12
20131 Milano (MI)
E-mail: [email protected]

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