Adwords & PPC

Pay Per Click campaigns enable you to reach a wide and targeted audience

We deal with the whole planning and management of PPC campaigns, especially on Google Adwords and Facebook ADS.

The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) enables us to increase the qualified traffic coming from the search engine through Pay per Click campaigns. When one of the users searches for something on Google, sponsored advertisements (Google Adwords) are shown in the top and in the bottom of the Serp, and they are perfectly incorporated with the organic results. The traffic coming from these advertisements is very focused because they will be shown only for some keywords selected by our experts to better meet your needs. The Cost of the Click (CPC) is greatly variabile and it depends on different elements: the competitors that argue for a particular keyword and the topic of the website to promote.

We can reach your ideal target also through the Social Networks. With Facebook Ads we can sponsor a product or a service carefully choosing the audience according to the age, the gender, the geographical location, the interests and the behaviour. Besides we can increase your Facebook page likes with targeted fans by the use of targeted ads.

You will get a tracking pixel installed on your website or landing page for every campaign so that we can monitor the conversions in real time. This will make us able to take action over ads and keywords to improve and maximise the ROI of every single campaign.

Adwords campaigns

Our team will be in charge of the creation and the tracking of your Google Adwords campaigns.

Facebook campaigns

Our team will be in charge of creating and tracking your campaigns on Facebook Ads.

Others PPC channels

We have experience with the most famous search engine and with others Pay Per Click traffic sources.

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