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Our Network will enable you to maximise your profit

Seobat Performance Affiliate Network, is an excellent way for every Publisher to earn and convert its own DEM and display traffic, besides the traffic coming from social networks.

Our dashboard will show you campaigns and stats in an intuitive way, always highlighting the conversion rates of every single campaign. For the DEM editors, we provide every week an updated blacklist including every user who asked not to receive more commercial emails.

Once you get subscribed, an Account manager will contact you by e-mail or over Skype to offer you our best campaigns that could monetise your traffic. In addition, he/she will stay at your disposal for tips and suggestions in order to increase your earnings more and more.

Another of our strengths are the timely payments net 60.

Timely payment

Thanks to particular agreements with our advertisers we manage to guarantee to all Publishers timely payments net 60.

Leading platform

Our affiliation platform is based on Cake, a leader in the tracking software. It also guarantees high reliability thanks to the Cloud.

Dedicated Account Manager

We provide you an Account Manager who will follow you and give you advice to increase your websites profitability.

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