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Email Marketing allows you to reach millions of potential clients

Email Marketing is an essential channel in the digital marketing strategy of every company. It is much cheaper than others digital marketing techniques, it allows you to measure the results on time and to reach a ROI of 40 dollars for every dollar spent (source McKinsey & Company).

Email ROI (for

We give you the opportunity to select the ideal users target for your email advertising campaign using different segmentation criteria like gender, age, geotarget (city, province, region, zipcode) and interests (behaviour-based).

Seobat cares about the users’ Privacy, in fact we own highly qualitative lists, acquired in the complete respect of both italian and european laws. The lists are constantly updated, in fact we remove everyday inactive users that have not interacted with our communications in the last months.

In addition to our owned lists, there are our Publishers’ lists and third-parties lists, some of which are managed by our agency in an exclusive way; in these cases we also verify each one of our affiliates lists in order to guarantee to the advertiser the highest quality and performance.

Countries we work in


3.200.000 profiled users

41%     59%


800.000 profiled users

51%     49%

Emails opened every month

Clicks generated every month

Advantages of a campaign with us

We signed agreements with the most accomplished and certified sweepstakes companies and editorial portals at European level. In this way we succeed in collecting high quality leads who opted in to receive advertising emails. We invest our energies in keeping our lists updated and we regularly carry out detailed quality controls over different partners to maintain an high standard.

We send each one of our newsletters through market-leader platforms, both in Italy and in all Europe. In this way we ensure an high deliverability and an high inbox rate (percentage of emails reaching the inbox).

We work on Performance basis (CPC, CPL, CPA, CPS, C2L – Click to lead) but also on CPM basis, always ensuring an high open rate!

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