Lead Generation

A way to generate new clients interested in your products and services

Lead Generation is used by plenty of small, medium-sized and large companies in order to generate new clients interested in their products and services, to create a users database or to develop one which already exists. We are specialised in obtaining new clients through Email Marketing and Facebook Advertising, developing special custom-made pages, called Landing Pages.

Landing Pages are web pages specifically structured that the user reaches after a click on a link, a banner or an email. These are especially designed by our experts to encourage users to take the action required, for example the subscription to the newsletter, a quote request or the click on a link. We also keep working to optimise and maximise the conversion rate.

Besides, thanks to the agreements we signed with international partners, we are able to obtain new clients through the main national and international sweepstakes .

That's how we achieve our goals

Email Marketing

  • Landing Pages
  • Custom design
  • Customizable fields


  • Co-Registration
  • Co-Sponsoring
  • Complete customer lists

Facebook Ads

  • Landing Pages
  • Custom design
  • Targeted audience

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