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We develop your mobile strategy mixing the most appropriated channels

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets over the last few years has led to a bump in the presence of Mobile Marketing in the digital strategies of many companies. Mobile devices are the product with the highest penetration grade among the population: about 96% of people owns at least one.

More than half of products and services researches are carried out from a mobile device and over the past two years visits from mobile devices have increased by 26,4% (Source Audiweb).

Seobat offers different solutions of mobile marketing such as the creation of native App (iOS and Android) and web-app, the driving of mobile traffic through apps, banner, email and popup / popunder, creation of responsive webpages in order to optimise the visualisation on every device: desktop and mobile.

App mobile

We design and develop applications for mobile devices, both native (iOS e Android) and web-app.

Mobile traffic

We mix different mobile traffic sources such as AdMob, Facebook Ads, Outbrain and many others.

Responsive websites

We develop responsive websites, which adapt to every device. Visit the section Web Design.

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