Social Marketing

Our social consulting aim at promoting your products and services

We deal with the online promotion of your product and services on the main Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), optimising the costs and maximising the results.

We provide a wide range of services to obtain excellent results in terms of views on your website, of increasing clients and sales. Don’t forget also the natural increasing of the Brand awareness due to the opportunity of 1 to 1 communication with the final client.

Our experts develop a targeted strategy for every client, optimising the investment and increasing both the conversions (leads and sales) and the profit.

Social profile management

We deal with the creation of social profiles for your company, paying attention to the design. We'll define an editorial plan and we'll manage your profiles publishing the most appropriate contents.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Whether you want to increase your fanbase or promoting a product or a service, we create and manage advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram monitoring the conversions.

Editorial consulting

Besides managing social profiles we also provide a careful editorial consulting which aims to optimise the presence on different social networks by creating ad hoc contents.

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